New Zero Joint Technology Mechanism

Advances in technology have driven quality expectations higher and higher, particularly in manufacturing. The furniture industry is no exception and one manifestation of this is the advent of edgebanding without joints or, as it is more commonly known as, the zero-joint technology.

This technology is revolutionizing the achievable optical quality of edging. The uptake of this processing method has been embraced by furniture manufacturers all over the world and is generally considered to be the optimum technology for anyone who wants to differentiate their products from other competitors.

At Td Furniture we are trying to achieve this high quality standard and use it in our manufacturing product in order to deliver a good quality standard products to our customers. Higher specification product requires water- or heat-resistant feature and PUR adhesive provides this additional performance.This mechanism will produce a perfect furniture edges without visible joints with perfect processing quality through exact work piece guidance with composite belts at the top pressure.

Installing Zero-Joint Machine at Td Furniture Factory ,Lahat,Perak
Installing Zero-Joint Machine at Td Furniture Factory ,Lahat,Perak
Installing Zero-Joint Machine at Td Furniture Factory ,Lahat,Perak

To date, we are the 1st and the only one in Malaysia to have our own Zero Joint Machine & we bring this technology into our own product to ensure our furniture meets the high and premium export quality. Our furniture, equipped with zero-joint technology is without doubt features more modern and flawless design with seamless joints, hygienic and clean, water and moisture resistance as well as heat resistance. This technology will surely provide lasting and lifetime beauty the furniture.

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